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What is a jumbo loan?
A jumbo loan is a non-conforming home loan that exceeds standard loan limits. It’s designed to finance high-value properties or properties in high-priced locations. In most markets, a jumbo loan covers anything above the standard limit of $510,400. In areas like Hawaii, Alaska, or some other states’ counties, the limit’s higher, at $765,600, to account for competitive real estate markets.
More than just home purchases.
You can also refinance a jumbo loan to adjust the term length, to lower your rate, or, if it’s for a primary home, to take cash out for home projects, bills, or other financial goals.
Cash reserve required.
You’ll need to show you can cover a few months of expenses (at least 12 months for first-time homebuyers). Unlike other lenders, we allow restricted stock units to count toward your reserve.
Available for many property types.
Use a jumbo loan to finance primary homes, vacation homes as well as investment properties.
Flexible down payment options.
We offer down payments from as low as 20% (80% loan-to-value). Keep in mind, you’ll need to budget 2 to 5% of the purchase price for closing costs.

A jumbo-sized decision calls for a lender you can trust.
Our features and know-how set us apart as a leader in the digital mortgage world.
Competitively-priced loans and a fast application process.
We offer consistently competitive rates, low down payment options, and loans up to $4 million. Plus, with our state-of-the-art technology, you can complete an application in 15 minutes or less.
Years of expertise.
We’ve delivered thousands of jumbo loans to thousands of happy homeowners. Since our loan experts aren’t paid on commission, you can trust them to provide honest guidance.
Easy-to-use digital experience, at your command.
You’re in control with our modern, digital home loan experience. Securely upload files, eSign application documents, lock in your rate, and track your progress, all from your computer or phone.
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